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You may have already used audio and video in your class. Is that podcasting? Almost, but technically, no. For an audio or video file to be a podcast, two things have to happen. First, the file has to be online. Second, your file needs to be available as part of a subscription.

~Good introduction~Keeps you interested~Captivating~Clear speech/understandable~Pauses to help you comprehend what was said~Simple~No “fillers” – um or uh, etc. ~No giggling!~Focused~Smooth, easy to follow~Variations – speech, music, etc.~Make sure voice is audible over background~Stays on track~Relatable/common level of understand/don’t assume your audience knows your story



To Creating a Podcast


What Makes A Good Podcast?

1) Plan - Be sure to have script written 2) Record - most podcast are mp3 format3) Produce - add intro, music, or special effects4) Publish - post your podcast to a website or blog for others to hear

What is Podcasting?A collection of audio or video files, recorded on the computer and uploaded to a website in mp3 format.

Benefits of Podcasting1. Authentic Learning2. Global Reach3. Teamwork

Programs To Use1. Garage Band 2. Audacity3. Voice Thread4. Voki


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