Pocket money

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Pocket money

POCKET MONEY(lesson for the 8th grade students)

Answer the questions1) Do you need pocket mobey?2) Who gives you money?3) How do you spend your pocket money?4) Are you good at saving money?

Some people think that teenagers become more responsible and sensible getting pocket money. Others claim that young people can not deal with money and believe they waste it on useless things. Who is right we'll know at this lesson.

Group workDo a survey "How do you spend pocket money"Present the results and make a conclusion.

Agree or disagree1. Parents should give their children as much pocket money as their classmates are given.2. Children should help their parents about the house without being paid for that.3. Children shouldn’t get pocket money because parents pay for everything: for their clothes, books, trips out, piano lessons and birthday presents for their friends.4. Money doesn’t grow on trees. If you want to have something that your parents can’t afford, save up your pocket money.5. Pocket money helps children to get ready for the future, to be responsible and sensible.

Reading(page 34 ex. 2-3)Do you think that being given pocket money teaches teenagers anything? Read the story of one family and give your opinion.

ReflexionNow I … know/understand that…— I should save money and not waste it— my parents work hard to earn money and I should earn my pocket money too— to get money I have to work hard at school because studying is my work

What do the pictures show?



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