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Description of soultion:One way to decrease the poaching levels is to remove body parts from captured poachers therefore scaring all other poachers.

What is it?Poaching is the unlawful or illegal taking of wild plants or animals, such as through hunting, harvesting, fishing, or trapping. The law concerned may be a law of property, of regulation, or of local or international conservation and wildlife management. Violations of hunting laws and regulations are normally punishable by law

Pros/consPro- stops/alearts rhino and other animal poachers.Con- costs money to hire more forces.

Pros/ consPro-helps prevent further poaching activities.Con-costs people their lives.

Current Event.In the video provided below there is a vary good example of a current day poaching problom.

Why do people poach?1. They don't agree with the laws.2. They are trying to earn big money.3. For medical pourposes4. For the animal's hides5. To supply the black market.

Description of solution:Park rangers could shoot poachers on sight of poaching activity.

Poaching Problems

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