[2015] Addisen Snell: Poaching Endangered Species

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[2015] Addisen Snell: Poaching Endangered Species

Poaching Endangered Species

If people continue to poach, more species will become endangered, more species will becaome exinct. Soon enough, there won't be any animals left. Poaching needs to end. ddddddddddddddddd

Poaching has an impact on animal's population(Estmated)only 3,500 tigers left in the world.In the last century the tiger population has downsized from nearly 100,000.Poachers are the biggest single threat to elephants.Poaching is the greatest threat to gorillas, tigers, rhinos, elephants.

By: Addie Snell

Deadly WeaonsBow and arrows, arrows sometimes dipped in poison. People will use grenades and AK-47s on entire herds.

It's all about the moneyAfrican elephants– tusks sold for up to $3000 a kilogramRhino – horns sold for $65,000 per kilo in 2012Tigers – up to $20,000 (all together), separate: it can be ten times $20,000 ($200,000), skin: between $10,000-$15,000 alone Often sold kilo for kilo

Why are they huntedElephants – tusks, body parts, meat, and hide Rhino – hornsTiger- skins, bones, teeth, tails, claws, whiskers, medicine, spirits, wines, and souvenirs Hawksbill- fashion (tortoiseshell jewelry, glasses, ornaments, instruments), meat, leather, perfume, cosmetics, and stuffed whole and displayed as “decoration”


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