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The causes of pneumonia could be:*cold flu that gets worse *cirgarette smoking*air we breath*infected person coughs or sneezes *oil ddroplets or food fragments

Most likely, if you have Pneumonia, you may get...*bluish or gray lips or finger nails*may die {only if your in old or very young position}*may not want to eat as often *coughing up mucus Also when the lungs are infected, this is what usually happens. First, when the germs that cause Pneumonia reach the lungs, the lungs air sacs {alveoli}, become inflamed and filled up with fluid.

Most common symptoms could be....*coughing*chills*diarrhea*fever {highest 105*}*headache*belly pain*sweating*shortness of breath

Did you know that Pneumonia caused bacteria, will have higher fever with chills? If you have Pneumonia when you are very old or in weak position, you have a higher percentage of death. If batcterium or virus invades the lungs, tissue becomes invaded. Who knew that in the USA Pneumonia was the sixth most common death?

Ways you can prevent Pneumonia are...*getting all shots *covering nose *washing hands when sneezing* avoiding friends *avoiding who are sick indoor/ outdoor polution

Pneumonia is found in the Respiritory system. Manly Pneumonia's infection is in 1 or both lungs.

The reason why i chose to do this disease, was because last year {2013-2014} i was diagnose to this disease and now i would like to learn more. Doing a project on this disease, i found easier because i already was diagnosed and i knew exactaly what to do.

Most doctors use antibiotics for treatments like penicillen, and sulfa drugs. Of caurse drinking fluids, getting rest and taking puffers helps the cause of getting better too!

Coughing is one of the mainsymptoms of this disease

Smoking is a major wayto get Pneumonia.

Getting the flu shot is veryimportant to prevent Pneumonia

Each year, 160 million people, world wide, diagnose Pneumonia. In the USA, 2 million Americians diagnose Pneumonia each year.

This image shows an x-ray of the infected part of the right lung.

Penicillin is one of Treatmentsto cure Pneumonia.

This shows the fluid and blood cells in the alveoli when you have Pneumonia.


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