Pneumoic Plague

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Pneumoic Plague

Will HamiltonMrs. Begum

Pneumonic Plague

A. 1. A person contracts this infection by inhaling an aerosolised form of the bacteria.2. Symptoms include coughing up blood, shock, respiratory failure, fever, weakness, pneumonia and nausea. B1. There is no vaccine, but there is a cure. The patient MUST recieve antibiotics in the first 24 hours to survive.2. Wearing a surgical mask around people you think may be infected. (If you think someone is infected, notify a hospital immediatley)3. If untreated, chance of survival is 0%. When treated within 24 hours, chance of survival is around 80%. C.1. A doctor diagnoses pneumonic plague by testing blood for Y. pestis a lab.2. Yes. Blood will be drawn.

Overview of DiseaseThe Pneumoic Plague is one of 3 types of plague caused by bacteria Yersina pestis. It is the most uncommon type of plague and also the deadliest. It spreads through the air when people infected with it cough.

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2/8/16, 6th Period

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3. The sickness will last for several days after treatment begins.4. Yes. Antibiotics and supportive therapies can ease symptoms and cure the disease. D.1. The city should immediatley disperse surgical masks to prevent the spread of the disease and immediatley hospitalize patients in isolation from others to cure them and prevent spread of the disease. 2. I would implement my strategy by making the city drop all other tasks and have police quaritine the city keeping people out and keeping people from leaving. I would also have police and firemen distributing the masks.



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