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Social Studies

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The Pilgrims landed on the coast at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and traveled up the coast to Plymouth. The weather was harsh because it was very cold and snowy. Squanto and Massasoit (Native Americans) helped them survive by teaching them to catch food or fish, plant corn with dead fish bones, and get syrup from maple trees. They had so much trouble growing crops because they landed in the late fall and the ground was too cold and hard. Nearly half of them died because of starvation.

Joey Morrell5Lynch

1620 - 1690

Geography & Climate

People (Separatists) from England had to move to America because they were forced to. They refused to belong to the Church of England and wanted to have religious freedom to worship however they wanted to. They would have this opportunity in America.

Opportunities Available


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Friendship with the Native Americans

The Pilgrims had a good relationship with the Native Americans. The Nastive Americans taught the Pilgrims how to plant crops, fish and get syrup. The Pilgrims invited the Wampanoags to celebrate their first harvest, called Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims promised not to attack the Native Americans, and they agreed to protect each other.



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