[2015] Keely Jasper: Plymouth Colony

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[2015] Keely Jasper: Plymouth Colony

Plymouth Colony

Rough seas and storms prevented the travelers from arriving in Cape Cod. After 66 days it reached the shores of Cape Cod. More than half of the settlers died or were ill during the first winter. In fall of 1621 the pilgrams shared a harvest feast with the Pokanokets. That first meal is now considered Thanksgiving. The males signed the Mayflower Compact.

There was a disease that caused the Plymouth travelers to die during the first winter. That desease was called Malaria. The travelers got Malaria while going to the Americas.

In 1620 they boarded the Mayflower on their way to the Americas.The colonist boarded the Mayflower to find a way to America to find gold in the month of July. Then two months after that they arrived in Massachusetts. After America declared independence from Britian. There were about forty or more passengers on the Mayflower. The mayflower compact was an agreement signed by the pilgrams.


Founding PlymouthThe people who founded Plymouth were the Puritans in 1620. John Smith the captain named the colony. John smith was the captain of the Mayflower along with about fifty more passengers.

The Plymouth people did not use money as much back then. The thing they used most was natural resources. Such as deer, rabbits, and wild hogs.

The Mayflower was boarded in July. It was established in September. It was the first puritan settlement ever.

The location of Plymouth is in present-day Plymouth, Massechusetts. It is in the New England Society.

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