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Planets & Astronomy

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While Pluto may be a dwarf planet now, it still has its moons. 1978- Charon is discovered2005- Nix and Hydra are discovered2011- Kerberos is discovered2012-Styx is discoveredThrough the naming the astromeners discussed the name Persephone, but the name has already been taken by two astroids.

Astronomers meeting in Prague in 2006 declared Pluto not a planet under guidlines to shrink the Solar System to eight planets instead of nine and that it was more of a dwarf planet than main planet. This marked a sad day for Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto Febuary 18, 1930.

Why Pluto's Not A Planet

What's are Pluto's Moon's Names?


The Dance of Pluto and Charon...

Guess on What Pluto will look like....

What Pluto really looks like...

Pluto is more than 3.6 billion miles away from the Sun. Pluto is in the Kuiper Belt. Pluto os 375 to 400 degrees below zero and has about one-fifteenth of gravity that Earth has. So, a person who's 100 pounds would weigh only 7 pounds!

What is Pluto?

To get the real image of Pluto they had to send the New Horizons into space for nine years.


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