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Pluto was discovered by an astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh, in 1930. Pluto was the smallest and 9th planet in our universe, but now is considered as a dwarf planet. Pluto is included in a region of space called the "Kuiper Belt." It is known that Pluto is the largest object in the belt. Pluto and the Sun are about 3.6 billion miles apart. Pluto is only less half the United States across or 1,400 miles. One day on Earth is approximately 6 1/2 days on Pluto. It takes Pluto 248 yers to go around the sun. This Dwarf Planet was named after an 11 year old English girl. Pluto has 5 moons, its largest moon is named Charon. Two other moons are named Nix and Hydra. Nix and Hydra are very small. The moons are less than 100 mileswide. The other two are named Styz and Kerberos. The temperature on Pluto is 375 to 400 degrees below zero. Pluto is so far away from Earth that scientists know very little about what it is like. Pluto is probably covered with ice.

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The Horizons Spacecraft for the Pluto - Kuiper Belt Mission was launched in January 2006 and due to arrive at Pluto in 2015. This will help us to understand the icy worlds at the edge of our solar system and give a more visual explantion of Pluto. The mission will then visit one or more Kuiper Belt Objects beyond Pluto. New Horizons made a close flyby of Jupiter in Feb. 2007.

What is Pluto?

Discovering Pluto

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Pluto in the middle and its moons near it

New Horizons Spacecraft

Current Model of Exact Pluto

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