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Mr. Pluto was a very sick person. He has a great mental strength. And needs to go to the hospitol

Physical Appearance:OldWhite beard and hairBlackThreadbare Clothes


Mr. Plutos actions were very defensive and calm. When he is at the house defending the house treasure he shows a aggressive side to scare people away. While being sick when mayhew was taking his place he stayed calm intil he could go to the hospitol or die trying to protect the treasure from the Darrows

Pesty was Plutos right head man. Shes was his helper in doing things.Mayhew Skinner was his son who helped take care of him and help get rid of the darrows from trying to take the treasure.

The author tells the readers that Pluto was a descendant of a slave that went to the house of Dies Drear. Pluto was also the house keeper of the home, to protect the treasures that the house stores inside.

Plutos thoughts were to protect the treasure from anyone who goes near. That everyone is out to get the treasure even the best of them all.



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