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Pluto AGPS


The Mysterious Dwarf Planet

Far Out Facts!Pluto revolves around the Sun in an orbit that is not exactly circular like the rest of the planets. Pluto's orbit is more of an oval or egg shape.

This is where Pluto lives in;The Milky Way.

How long does it take for Pluto to orbit The Sun?Pluto makes one complete orbit around the the sun in 90,465 days!

Pluto's not the only Dwarf Planets. There's two other Dwarf Planets;Ceres and Eris.

Scientists have renamed Pluto a Dwarf Planet because it is too small to be a planet. Pluto was the only planet to be named by a kid. After the planet was discoverd in 1930, an 11 year old girl. Suggested that this new planet needed to be named after the Roman God of the under world.

This is Neptune. Neptune is the closest planet to Pluto. Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.

Did you know... Pluto's orbit is more of an oval or egg shape. Because Pluto's orbit is more of an egg shape, Pluto will orbit inside of Neptune's orbit, which makes Pluto closer to the Sun than Neptune at times.


By:Amy and Palmy

How much distance is Pluto from The Sun?Pluto is 5.9 billion kilometres from the Sun.