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What do all the marked words have in common?1. Those ladies work at the bank.2. I bought you a lot of gifts from America, especially toys and watches.3. Be careful of knives, they are very sharp.4. Those babies are so sweet, the girls love them!


First- What is the Topic?


You have two options-1. click on and watch clip- see the explanations of plural and learn the rules.2. Click on PowerPoint- read the plural rules and learn them.

Second- Plural's Explanations

Third- Let's Practice!

Fourth- Irregular Nouns Clip + Chart

Fifth- Let's Practice the Irregular Nouns!

Sixth- Listen to a Song

1. Listen to the song "What Does the Fox Say ".2. Read and understand the song.3. Find at least one singular noun for each rule, and change them to plural form.

Noy & Cami

Think Inductively

Deductive logic

Deductive logic

Deductive logic

Deductive logic

Deductive logic


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