[2014] Celia Fortebraccio: P.L.Travers

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[2014] Celia Fortebraccio: P.L.Travers

Helen Lyndon Goff (PL Traverse)

ChildhoodPL Travers was born on August 9, 1899 in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. Her real name is Helen Lyndon Goff. She is known as Helen Goff, PL Travers, and Pamela Travers. Her nickname was Lyndon. She got the stage name Pamela Lyndon Travers. Her mother was Margeret Agnes Morehead who was the sister of the Premier of Queensland. Her Father Travers Goff was an unsuccessful banker and a heavy drinker, who died when she was 7. The family moved to South Wales after the death of her father. She went to school at Sydney’s Norman Hurst Girls School during WWI. She loved Fairytales and animals she liked to refer to herself as a hen. Her talents began during her teens. She began publishing poems. She became a Shakespearean actress and a dancer.

Different Books She Wrote1. 1ST “Mary Poppins” (1934)2. 2ND “Mary Poppins Comes Back” (1935)3. “Aunt Sass” (1941) This book paid tribute to her Great Aunt, Helen Christina Morehead, who helped her family 4. 3RD “Mary Poppins Opens the Door” (1944)5. 4th “Mary Poppins in the Park” (1952)6. 5th “Mary Poppins A-Z” (1963)7. “Friend Monkey” (1971) This book was an adaptation from the Hindu myth Hanuman 8. 6th “Mary Poppins in the Kitchen” (1975)9. 7th “Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane” (1982)

The Mary Poppins in the Book Mary Poppins arrives when the wind changes as a shape… a gathering darkness’ and sets about wasting no time when she is using magic. Mary Poppins is vain, bossy, and doesn’t take fools. Mary Poppins isn’t jolly and twinkly eyed like we think.

InspirationShe had a lot of inspiration for Mary Poppins. The first thing is her childhood poverty. Second the depression era banking collapse. Third her insecurities about her parents. Fourth for a perfect family harmony. Fifth her great aunt Helen Christina Morehead supported the family. Also her personality, were reasons for the inspiration.

1st Mary Poppins

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Working with Walt DisneyWalt Disney Purchased the rights in 1960. The team in Mary Poppins was PL Travers, Walt Disney, Richard and Robert Sherman, and Don Dagradi. PL Travers hated any animation. She didn’t like that Mr. Banks was turned into a suffragette, which is the reason for the nanny. PL Travers didn’t wasn’t Julie Andrews because she was “To pretty.” PL Travers was not invited to the Premiere, but she asked to attend. PL Travers was quite wealthy through the deal.

Some Other FactsTraverse never married but was in many relationships. She had an adopted child named Camillus Traverse Hone. She told her son he was not, he found this out when his twin showed up at the door when he was 17. During WWI she worked in the British Ministry of Information. She was later a writer in residence at colleges such as Radcliffe (1965-66), Smith (1966), and Scripps (1969-70) in the United States. In 1977 She was created an officer of the Order of British Empire (OBE).

Traverse Robert Goff

Helen Christina Morehead

Margeret Agnes Morehead

Helen Lyndon Goff

6th Mary Poppins

7th Mary Poppins

5th Mary Poppins

3rd Mary Poppins

4th Mary Poppins

2nd Mary Poppins

8th Mary Poppins


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