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plp project plan

Google Earth 1. Students will explore landmarks around the world and create placemarks with linked photos using wiki media commons. Collaboration with students in these locations include sharing of photos to link. CILC will be accessed to aquire global connections. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4.13, SS:GE:4:2.3 and SS:GE:6:1.2)2. Students will explore a geographical area discovering where students are located in the world, then identify and describe a range of physical and man-made features of their locality. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:1.3, SS:GE:4:2.1, SS:GE:4:5.1)3. Students will play "10 Questions" - zoom in on a location in the world. Students can ask ten questions that can be answered as yes/no to guess the location using physical features and buildings. Tie this activity to current events around the world. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:2.1 and SS:GE:6:5.4)

Google Maps1. Find a location and use the map to answer questions, such as: a route to school or local landmarks. Use the geographical information to explain characterisitics about the people who live there. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:1.2 and SS:GE:4:2.1) 2. Follow the journey or route, for example: explorers of the New World, Lewis and Clark, Iditarod. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:1.5 and SS:GE:4:4.4)3. Compare and contrast locations of natural disasters, for example, hurricanes or floods. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:5.2 and SS:GE:6:5.3)4. Using Google Map Mashup (includes historical photos and videos on Google Maps) to zoom in and compare location views from the past and present for modificiation of physical environment, etc. (NH Curriculum Standards GE:6:2.2 and SS:GE:6:5.1)

VoiceThread1. Students will create a geographic mystery 'Where are we?' using media (of major physical and human features in the US and on Earth!) Each day students add a picture and clues. Classmates will respond and make guesses as to 'Where in the world"' the pictures come from.. They can collaborate with one another to solve the geographic mystery (NH Curriculum Standard SS:GE:4:1.3). 2. Using Tag Galaxy or Flickr to import picture.s, teachers can create a 'Regional' slide show for student viewing. Students can use this montage to compare/contrast how people in different regions use their natural resource. The collaborative nature of voicethread will allow for great conversation. (NH Curriculum Standard SS::GE:4:5.5).3. Students can view and respond to threads that are created to illustrate the ways in which regions have changed (i.e, European exploration, US Western expansion) Again, comparing and contrasting images while leaving comments, thoughts and ideas for others to learn from and respond to.(NH Curriculum Standard SS:GE:4:2.4)

View a video to learn about Voicethread.

NH Social Studies Frameworks

Geography in the 21st Century

Global Connections1. Epals - is a collaboration of learners, teachers, and academic experts in 200 countries and territories. Students make connections to students, classes, and school districts worldwide,. Though classes are encouraged to create their own project to meet individual needs, and connect with interested classes, Epals runs a Maps Project which classes may join and match up with others with the same curriculum objectives. (NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:2.1 and SS:GE:4:2. Videoconference- students research, present, and communicate about geographic locations and cultures. Classrooms are connected and engage in videoconferences in this country and around the world. ((NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:4:2.1)3. Connecting classrooms around the world work together on joint authentic projects to share viewpoints of how resources are used/renewed in their region and why. ((NH Curriculum Standards SS:GE:6:5:3, SS:GE:4:5.5 and SS:GE:6:5.4)

SAU #16 Social Studies Curriculum

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