PLP Action Project - PERK

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PLP Action Project - PERK

The Perkiomen community inspires students to risk becoming their best.

PERK Year OnePLP Action Research Plan

PERK Teachers = LearnersMay 2011

Team MembersPeter Dougherty - Math Dept Head; EconomicsBen Fidler - ScienceCatie Gibbons - HistoryJacob Hauser - Math & DramaPaige Longstreth, Team Leader - English, Head of Middle SchoolMichael Romasco - ESL

The Perkiomen faculty community inspires teachers to risk becoming their best.

Goals:increase faculty comfort with/use of technology and web 2.0 tools in personal information management and teaching practice.

Workshops* Peer Led* Intensive summer sessions* Quickie school day tutorials* Learn from colleagues' successes, good mistakes, and shared environment* Fun!Faculty Ning* Share ideas and materials* Asynchronous meetings* Community of Practice

* Follow-up survey results at mid-year and end-of-year 2011-2012* Attendance at summer and in-school workshops* Participation in Perk Faculty Ning

Success Measures

Baseline Survey


The Plan



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