Plight of Liberated Slaves

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Plight of Liberated Slaves

* Former slaves worked the same amount of hours but were not provided with shelter or food*Some of them were able to work as sharecroppers and recieve 1/3 to 1/2 of the crops grown* Former slaves were excluded from working in factories in the South* They were paid low wages so they were unable to pay things like medical bills* Some ex-slaves were unable to find jobs so they were in debt and homeless

* Slaves worked 16-18 hour days* Many escaped from South to North* Most of the slaves would return within a few days or a week because they had no food*Fugitive Slave Act (1850)- runaway slaves were able to be returned to their masters


Plight of Liberated Slaves

By: Maddie Rogalsky

Before the War

* On January 1, 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared all slaves free in states that refused to stop their rebellion against the Union. * Black Codes created in 1865 that prevented former slaves from truly enjoying their freedom in the south* Under the Black Codes, former slaves were unable to buy or sell property, make contracts, serve on juries, own weapons, and vote or run for political office* Forced to carry passes or some sort of proof as to who they were*Florida created a code that stated if a slave violated a labor contract they could be whipped by their employer


* Many former slaves starved to death because they were unable to buy food* Suffered from diseases such as smallpox and cholera* From 1862-1870, a quarter of the four million freed slaves, died from disease and starvation* The Bureau of Freedmen- intended to help former slaves by distributing clothing, food, land, and medical care* Bureau helped 500,000 of the four million freed slaves get medical attention

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Disease and Death


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