Plessy vs. Ferguson

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Plessy vs. Ferguson

Plessy V. Ferguson

In April 13, 1896 Plessy V. Ferguson was held and overruled in May 18,1896.

Plessy was born a free man; 1/8 black and 7/8 white. However, in the eyes of the law, he was black. Plessy refused to be moved to a black train cart from a white train cart. He was arrested, jailed, and fined $25.

Plessy argued that he had been denied of his 13th and 14th Amendment rights. Ferguson, the judge of the trial had ruled, Louisiana had the right to regulate railroad companies as long as they operate within the state boundaries. Plessy took it to State Court but was rejected because they ruled he was not denied of the 13th and 14th Amendment. Then, Plessy took it to the Supreme Court but was dismissed once again.

Plessy lost all three trials. -Regular trial-State Court trial-Supreme Court trial

Part of the movement; Fight back against segregation.

The trial became famous and because of it, a federal law was established. The "Separate but Equal" law.

The law stopped in 1954, after the Brown vs Board of Education.

The law, "Separate but Equal" lasted for 50 years, separate is not equal. Restaurants refused to serve certain races, as colored and white people used different water fountains and restrooms. Colored were entitled to sit at the back of the bus. The education system was flawed as colored was given poor teachers and tools for education. (All white schools was preferred in the south.)

Other race(colored) had the shorter end of the stick.

This was a sad time for the United States. How would you feel being banned from a restuarant because of the color of your skin? Going to a separate school because of your race? Forced to use different restrooms and drinking from different drinking fountains? Where you had to sit in the bus or train? Would you sit there and enure it or attempt to fight for your rights?

The law was enforced in; Schools TrainsBus RestuarantsMarriages Burial groundsMovie Theaters RestroomsMany other public locations.


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