Plessy v. Ferguson

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Plessy v. Ferguson

Plessy v. Ferguson

Homer plessy, who was 7/8's white was sent to jail for sitting in the whites only section of a train. He deliberately sat in the whites section and identified himself as black. After his arrest his court case reached the supreme court.

The court case extended the separate but equal doctrine in public areas such as bathrooms, restaurants, water fountains, theaters, and public schools.The doctrine was false since the black facilities were always inferiof to that of the white facilities.

Plessy's lawyer argued that the separate cart act went againts the 13th and 14th amendments.Plessy's decision precedented that separate facilities for blacks were constitutional as long as they were equal.

Homer plessy was born three days after the emancipation proclamation in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was born into a family of mixed racial heritage. Plessy's family were called creoles which were considered free people of color. A group of people fighting for the rights of people called the Citizens Committee planned to challenge segregagtion laws in courts. In 1896 the committee asked Plessy to act againts the state law by sitting in a rail car that was designated for white people only.

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