Pleistocene Epoch

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Earth History

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Pleistocene Epoch

Fast Facts * Eon: Phanerozoic * Era: Cenozoic * Period: Neogene * Epoch: Pleistocene - This took place about 1.8 million years ago

PleistoceneBy: Janu Patel

How did the Earth look then?! * The Earth at the time of the Pleistocene Epoch looked as if it was a giant snowball. This was because of the ice age effect.

My opinion on how it may have started!!! * I think that after the meteors hit the planet it caused a major cold front to impact the world which resulted in an ice age

What were some animals called?! *Glyptodon was a one-ton Pliocene ancestor of the modern armadillo * Woolly Mammoths first appeared in Eurasia during the Pliocene epoch * Titanis, a giant bird of the Pliocene epoch

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These animals had a diet of vegetation, meat, and things such as that. They couldn't get to much vegetation because it was not able to grow. It was to cold for vegetation to even sprout!!!


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