Pleasant Hill Shaker Village

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Pleasant Hill Shaker Village

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village was active from 1805 to 1910 and is a national historic site.

Harrodsburg, Kentucky

In this video, they talk aboutShaker design and style

The Shakers were known for their innovative engineering, beautiful architecture, and simple style. Here are a few examples of those things at Pleasant Hill.

The Shakers were named as such because of their use of dancing and "shaking" in their religious services. Music and dance were incorporated into their worship to heighten emotions. They also congregated in huge numbers, often in the thousands! These huge services were mainly attended by people on the frontier (the Midwest at the time) who didn't often get to attend large religious services.

The History of the Shakers

Pleasant Hill Shaker Village Website

Other Shaker Villages

Shaker Historical Timeline

Shaker Fun Facts

Have you ever heard of the songSimple Gifts? Even if you don't think you have, watch this video and listen to the tune! You'll probably recognizeit. This is Aaron Coplans's version ofSimple Gifts.

This is Pleasant Hill's emblem


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