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Play then and now

Play thenand Now

In the mid twentieth century did the association between games and learning begin to capture the public imagination. The prominent Dutch historian, Johan Huizinga, published his landmark study Homo Ludens or Playing Man, which posited play as a primary, necessary activity in the generation of cultures. The Swiss developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, connected the development of moral judgement in children to their ability to understand rules in a game. And two analysts at the newly formed RAND Corporation, A.M. Mood and R.D. Specht, released their influential paper, “Gaming as a Technique of Analysis.” In it they observed: “A virtue of gaming that is sometimes overlooked by those seeking grander goals is its unparalleled advantages in training and educational programs. A game can easily be made fascinating enough to put over the dullest facts. To sit down and play through a game is to be convinced as by no argument, however persuasively presented.”

Kids need first-hand engagement — they need to manipulate objects physically, engage all their senses, and move and interact with the 3-dimensional world. This is what maximizes their learning and brain development. A lot of the time children spend with screens takes time away from the activities we know they need for optimal growth. We know that children today are playing less than kids played in the past. link will show you toys then and now!

I think the biggest differance between how children play today and people my age played as children is that they are just so many more bells and wistles. When I was a young child I think the most technical toy I had was a Teddy Ruxpin, which was a talking bear. As I got older I got a video game system and a hand held games. Alot of my friends didn't have them so we did other things.

I feel like my two children have every toy known to man, but they have been so exposed to technology that sometime I have to talk them out of wanting to play with thier Ipad's or toys that light up and play music. I knew I was in trouble when my 2 year old could us the Ipad as well as I could. I know it's funny but the thing I like most about my daughter classroom is that there is no computer.

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“When a child experiences play, he or she can depart from the world of struggles, tasks, therapies and treatments into the joyful experience of play and through that accomplish more than anyone ever dreamed possible.”- Jean L. Bailey, Director, National Lekotek Center


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