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Play History ECE 504

When I think of my childhood, I remember playing outside; climbing trees, and riding bikes until the "alley lights" turned on. I remember playing with G.I. Joe, Strawberry Shortcake, and Barbie figures.We were at the very cusp of the technology world and did have an Atari and later a Nintendo. I completed projects on a typewriter, not a computer. I enjoyed playing card games like solitaire and spit, Uno, and board games like Life, Monopoly, and Space Hop. I vividly remember sitting on my front porch with my father playing the "car" game, where you would pick a direction and as cars would go up and down the street, you would get a point.

Being around children all day at my center and then coming home to four children myself, I see a lot of PLAY! At the center, popular activities include blocks, dramatic play/dress up, cars and trucks any anything that builds. I see lots of imaginative play while in the dramatic play center and outside. Outside play seems to be around super heroes or monsters. Even the two year old class plays "monsters"! With my children at home, they are encouraged to be outside as much as possible! They love to climb trees and explore in the woods. They do get some tv and technology time, but it is limited. They play all sorts of imaginative games where they are usually inventing their own rules, but also enjoy board games like Zingo, Monopoly and Life.

Check out some kids of today looking at technology items of the 1980s!! Brings back memories!

History of Playfrom the 1980s to 2014




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