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Play History Comparison

What I played with

What they play with

What we have in common

Polly Pockets were the thing to have as a girl when I was young.

Zoobs for everyone! Both as a game and in free building.

Every girl has at least 15 of these loveable little critters from Littlest Pet Shop.

Color Quarks are a huge hit at my school age site!

Hours spent watching marbles clack down the track!

The fun of silly putty! And the hours spent picking hair and dirt out of it...

K'Nex are still a huge hit with little inventors and engineers!

Legos use to build just about everything and make the adult's feet hurt!

Everyone knows the joy of playing with play dough...and the smell!

Most of the toys I played with as a child were easily mobile. I could easily pack them up and bring them outside or to a friends house.

Children's toys have become more complicated and based on electronics as the years have passed, but a lot of the basics have remained the and cute!


  • 4WJereena 1 year ago

    4WJereena's avatar

    maybe u could of added shopkins since its really popular or lol dolls or poopsie slime suprise.