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Description  Platypuses are flat-looking creatures that have no stomach, they have a bill, they are mostly brown and have webbed feet. The average male platypus weighs 1-2.4 Kg.  The females weigh from 0.7-1.6 Kg. Platypuses have no teeth. The tail looks almost like a beaver tail. Male platypuses have spurs on their hind legs,  the venom is only active during breeding season. Platypuses live up to 11 years in the wild and 17 in captivity.

DietPlatypuses have bills, but they don't use it to eat. Their mouth is located under the bill.  Platypuses stick their bill into the sand . They can sense other creatures. That is called Electroreception. Platypuses have large pouches in their cheeks to store food in until they reach the surface. Platypuses are carnivores. Their diet mainly consists of  shrimp, crayfish, insect larvae, worms and yabby.

Other Interesting FactsPlatypuses are egg-laying mammals. They lay between 1-3 eggs. After ten days the eggs hatch. The baby platypuses survive on their mothers milk. The mother sweats milk from pores in her stomach. Platypuses breed when they are around 9 years. People thought that platypuses were fake creatures, when they were first described in 1799.  Scientist gave it a latin name Platypus Anatinus. Which means flat-foot duck. Platypuses see with their bills underwater.

HabitatPlatypuses live in a small part of the world. Their homes are in freshwater areas. The freshwater's flow through Tasmania Island, eastern and southern  coast of Australia. They  mainly live in dry and warm areas,

Characteristics of Mammals There around 4640 mammals in the world. They  are found in almost every  environment. Bats are the only mammal that can fly. They all have a lot in common, all Mammals are warmblooded, most have hair and fur and they all have sweat glands.




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