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A platypus uses its cheek pouches to carry prey to the surfaces, where its eaten. A platypus lives in freshwater lakes and streams. In burrows just above water level.


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A platypus a invertebrate it is also part of the family called Omithorhynchus Anatinus. A paltypus eats amiled worms, insect larvea, freshwater shrimp, and freshwater cray fish. A platypus is a carnivore.

A baby platypus can grow up to 6-20inches and when they're babies they are only 3 pounds. A paltypus can live up to 12-15 years. They're pretators are snakes, water rats, goannas, hawks. owls, eagles, crocodiles, and red foxes.

This is a video a platypus.

A platypus eating dinner

A male platypus has spurs on the back of his feet so if it feels threatened it will inject the spur into you and it will send venom into your body.

A platypus is the only survivor of the whole family of the Omithorhynchus Anatinus.

Platypusses have webbed feet to slide through the water to get away from predators. A platypus can swim up to 0.4 meters per second.

A platypus lives in Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, New South Whales, and Queensland.


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