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Platypuses live along streams,dig burrows and lives in the burrows,along rivers,creeks,lakes,and Australia.

Hi, I am a baby Platypus. I will tell you about my life span. My Mom is one of the few mammals that lays eggs and can also live 21 years in the wild. Also my mom lays one to three eggs in her burrow.

A Platypus is a mammal and it has a bill, fur, webbed feet, claws, and a wide tail. The male is 2.6-5.7 pounds and 20 inches. Females can be 1.5-3.5 pounds, and 17 inches.


Male Platypuses are venomous and have stingers on their heels that can send out a strong toxic and it blows to any foe.

Echidna is the only one relative of a Platypuses

Hi, I am a crocodile. I am one of Platypuses predator along with dingoes (wild dogs) and foxes

Bill, fur, webbed feet, claws, and wide tail.


A Platypus can also be called a duckbill.It is one of the few mammals that lay eggs.When a baby Platypus hatches it is the size of a lima bean

A Platypus would not be a good pet because it has venom, claws, lays eggs, and has to live in water.

Hi, I am a Platypus trying to eat. This is what I eat: small shellfish, crayfish, fresh water shrimp, insects, worms, and fish eggs.


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