Plato's republic & Aristotle's Politics

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Plato's republic & Aristotle's Politics

Standard 10.2

Plato's Republic & Aristole's Politics

Plato's Republic

-Plato addressed his beliefs of a true ruler -what he believed a perfect governed society was

-he was Socrate's greatest pupil(student) -wanted the community to be ruled by the wiset, a.k.a. a philosopher-kingHis famous work The Republic stated: -believed the ruler should have power of philoshophy, plitical greatness, and wisdom

Plato & Aristotle

Summary of The Republic

-Arisitotle was Plato's student -focused on nature of the world & of human belief, thought, and knowledge -a quote from Politics by Aritstotle, "Man is by nature a political animal; it is his nature to live in a state."

Aristotle's Politics

Summarization of Politics by Aristotle

Quote from Polictics,"Man is by nature a political animal; it is his nature to live in a state."

The Republic by Plato

-Natural laws: reason and intelligence used to discover patterns and explanations -not allow all powerful rulers -allowed citizens to participate in political decisions -developed 3 branches of government: 1.legislative branch to pass laws2.executive branch to carry out the laws3.judicial branch to settle conflicts about the laws

Greek Standards in Government & Philosophy

Trace the development of the Western Political ideas of the rule of law and illegitimacy of tyranny, using selections from Plato's Republic and Aristotle's Politics.


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