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The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life-Plato

My AnalysisI think that the cave is Plato's way of reflecting on how he feels about politics, he feels that the government just feed the citizens what they should belive is right and wrong and no-one would think twice about and just accept it. Once you can stop listening to the government and think for yourself then you can see the true world.

Platos cave is a story tould in one of Platos works. It starts off with three people in a cave who have been there since birth, there necks and feet have been chained so they can only look forward. Behind them is a staircase that leads to the real world. Above that is a fire that casts shadows on to the wall infront of the prisoners. There are people there with puppets making shadows on the wall in front of the prisoners also. For their whole lives this is all they have seen. One of the prisoners is set free and draged up to the surfice. When he gets to the surface he is not used to it all so he only looks down and watches the shadows of the objects. After time he looks around and sees the world for what it really is. After sometime the freeman goes back down to the cave to tell the rest what the real world is like. When he tells them they just laugh at him and call him crazy because he does not think like them anymore


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Plato was born in 427 BCE to Ariston and Perictione. His birth name was actually Aristocles but his nickname Plato means "The Broad". His family was very weathly one and was destined for a life in politics. Once he meet Socartes and became a follower of his he slowly lost intrest in polical life and once socrates was executed Plato gave up on politics. After Socrates death Plato travelled to Egypt, Sicily and Italy. In Italy Plato discovered the teachings of Pythagoras and he gain a great respect for mathamatics. When he came back to Athens he started "The Academy". Platos ideas for the Academy were to teach young men politics according to his values because he was upset with the way goverment was being ran and belived it could be better. Plato also tought about true knowlegde and idealisum. Before he died he had traveled to italy twice to try to reform their government, both times being unsuccesful. Plato died in 347 BCE at the age of 81.



Platos Cave.

Courage is knowing what not to fear.-Plato

Let No One Enter Here Who Is Ignorant To Mathematics


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