[2014] Grace Ryan (3rd Period): Plato A Great mind Mr. Johnson SS

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[2014] Grace Ryan (3rd Period): Plato A Great mind Mr. Johnson SS

Platos parents were Ariston and Parictone. Plato's birth name was Aristocles but he gained the nick name Platon/broad because of his broad build. He had very high social ranking and was taught by some of Athens finest scholars. Plato's father died young and his mother married her uncle,Pirympales. Plato had 3 brothers, 1 half and 2 full and 1 full sister. As a young man Plato met Socrates and was greatly impressed by his logic and the two became assoiciates. After Socrates death, Plato traveled for 12 years studying mathematics with the Pythagoreans in Itlay and geology,geometry,astronomy and religion in Egypt.This great man died in 348 BC in Athens the capital city of Greece.


428 BC- Birthyear409-404 Served Army399 BC- Left Politics399 BC-Became philsopher399- Socrates died399-387- Studied in Italy and Egypt348 BC- Died In Athens

He built the first Acdemy, which is where we got the word academicHe was an amazing philospher a great studier and was greatly impacted by SocratesWrote dramas, Socratic dialogues and his writings are a great source of our historical records.

Lasting Impact

Plato's writings and theories have contributed greatly to modern day mathematics and english teachings.



PlatoA Great Mind




Ruins of Plato's Academy


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