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Plateaus are like stretched out mountains but instead of a peak there is a flat terrain on the top.

Tallest plateaus

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The largest and tallest plateau is the Tibetan Plateau followed after the Antarctic Plateau and then the Andean Plateau.

Rain and wind can make plateaus form into odd landforms.

Plateaus can form in the ocean such as the Mascarene Plateau.

There are three different types of plateaus. Intermontane plateaus, piedmont plateaus and dissected plateaus. Intermontane plateaus are the highest plateaus bordered by mountains. Piedmont plateaus are bordered on one side by mountains and the other by a plain or sea. Dissected plateaus are plateaus wich are cut by a river and deep, narrow valleys.

There are plateaus in Asia, India, South America, North America including the United States, Antarctica and Canada.

Where in the world?

Kukenan Tepui in Venezuela is 2,680 m tall. Island in the Sky is a plateau in the United States. Bogota Plateau is in Columbia and is 2,600 m above sea level. Tibetan Plateau is 5,000 m above sea level. The Colorado Plateau is the largest plateau in North America.

Plateaus can be made by lava, erosion of water and glaciers or magma. The lava finds it's way out from cracks and can form into a plateau. Some plateaus are between or next to mountains because the glaciers on mountain ranges erode the mountain.

Famous examples


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