Plate Tectonics

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Earth Sciences

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Plate Tectonics

Subductionis where the old ocean floor gos into the mantle at a deep-ocean trench or a under water trench

In 1910 a scincetist from Germany named Alfred Wegener had a hypothesis that all the continents were all once together. He called that Pangaea.And that they have since drifted apart.He called that continental drift.He had proof from land features, fossils,and climate.The science board rejected his idea.

Science Chapter 3:Plate Tectonics

A mid-ocean ridge is a under sea mountain range. they form the longest mountain range on Earth.

Sea -Floor spreading is when a crack forms in a mid-ocean ridge and magma comes up in the crack and makes new ocean crust and then spreads.

The theory of plate tectonics is that all the Earth's plates are in slow,constant motion driven by the convection currents in the mantle

Plate boundaries are where plates meet.There three types. The first kind is a Divergent ,this is were the two plates move apart from each other.They form rift valleys.The second kind is a convergent,this is were the two plates move towards each other.They form deep-ocean trenches and mountains.The last kind is a transform ,this is were the two plates slip past each other in opposite ways.They form faults or breaks in the Earth's crust.Earthquakes usally happen at faults


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