Plate Tectonics

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Earth Sciences

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Plate Tectonics

History There were not any theories regarding plate tectonics until the early 20th century. Alfred Wegener proposed "Continental Drift" in 1912. However, lacking a strong mechanism for the drift, his theory gained little attention. By the 1960's, undersea discoveries like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, island arcs, and oceanic trenches, led scientists to theorize that sea floor spreading due to convection causes tectonic plates to drift. To learn more about convection, click here!

Volcanoes and Mountain Building

Types of tectonic faults

In Your Own Backyard Ever wonder what kind of tectonic forces are at work here in the Pacific Northwest? I'll give you a hint...inland volcanoes!!!!

Click on the picture to watch how tectonic forces build mountains!

Click on the picture to learn how tectonic forces causes volcanoes to form!




Risks Associated with Tectonic Plate Movement

Click the audio links below to learn the risks and how to prepare!

Plate Tectonics

A message from me!

For an overview of plate tectonics, watch this video!


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