Plate Tectonics

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Earth Sciences

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Plate Tectonics


The Earth's crust is broken into many pieces like a Jigsaw puzzle. These puzzle-like pieces are called TECTONIC PLATES.

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Types of Plate MovementDivergent- Two plates moving away from each otherConvergent- Two plates collideLateral Slipping- two platesmove sideways against each other.

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Alfred Wegener

Plate Tectonic theory began in 1915 when Alfred Wegener proposed his theory of "continental Drift". Wegener was not the first to notice this puzzle like fit of the continents (Magellan and other early explorers noticed this on their maps, but he was the first to realize that continents separated now may once have been joined. This once joined Super Continent is known as PANGAEA

Who Discovered Plate Tectonics Theory?

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