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Earth Sciences

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Plate Tectonics by Shauna


Earthquakes do not occur in random areas on the Earth's surface. In fact, they tend to be concentrated in narrow zones,. California happens to be a place with frequent earthquakes. Why is this? Also, why are volcanoes and mountain ranges often found in these same earthquake zones?PLATE TECTONICS can help answet these questions. Plate tectonics is a concept that has revolutionized ideas about the Earth in the last 10 years. Learn more below....

The Earth's crust is broken into many pieces like a Jigsaw puzzle. These puzzle-like pieces are called TECTONIC PLATES.

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Beneath the land we live on (called the crust), there is hot molten rock called mantle.

Types of Plate Boundries:Divergent-two plates spreading apartConvergent-two plates coming togetherTransverse-two plates slide against each other sideways

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