Plate Movement

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Earth Sciences

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Plate Movement

Plate Movement!!!

Evidance #1Subduction Subduction is evidance that tectonic plates move because the water from oceans seeping under ground into the mantle. Then the magma creates more crust in the ocean.

Evidance #3Hot Spots Hot spot are proof that tectonic plates are moving because, Hot spots are when magma erupts through the crust and reaches the surface.

Evidance #2Alaska Alaska is proof the tectonc plates are moving because 75% of Alaska is volcanos of the USA. Volcanos are made by plates crashing together creating ridges in the Earth also known as Volcanos.

Evidance #5Sismic waves Sismic waves are proof that plates are moving because Sismic waves are Earthquakes currents and the movmentof Earth.

Evidance #4Earthquakes Earthquakes are proof that plates move because, Earthquakess are caused by plate movement.

Evidance #8Blocky Lava Block lava is proof that plates move because it has silica in it and silica caused pangea, a super continet, formed over 100 million years ago by explosive volcanos.

Evidance #7Horn Blend Horn blend is proof that plates move because it is used to find water in minnerals.

Evidance #6Ring of fire The ring of fire is proof that the plates move because all the volcanos are on the boarders of plates and volcanos wouldnt be able to form if the tectonic plates dont crash together.

Evidance #9Death Valley Death valley is proof that plates move because the floor of that valley was made by mountains stretching apart. Also known as plates moving apart.


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