Plate Effects

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Earth Sciences

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Plate Effects

-Mid-Ocean Ridge The mid-ocean ridge is created when convection currents rissing benieth the oceanic crust, bringing mag,ma to the suface. It rises between two tectonic paltes, meeting at the divergent boundary.

-Trench- A trench is created when a lithosphere plate is subducted under another. An example of this could be continental to oceanic.

Plate Boudary Effects

This picture shows all of the aspects of plate boundaries.

- Folded Mountains- These are created when two continentals with the same density, push with force up against each other creating folded mountains.

-Subduction- When two plates colide and the denser one subducts, or dives under the other.

-Sea-floor spreading- The process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms qs magma rises torward the surface and solidifies.

-Volcanoes- Volcanoes are formed when magma is foced to the suface. As they reach the surface the magma keeps building up, creating a volcano.

-Island Arcs- These are formed by two oceanics, with the denser one getting subducted underneith, creating a island arc.


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