Plastic in the Oceans

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Plastic in the Oceans

Plastic in the Oceans

What you can do to help!!!

The consequences

The problem

Compared to other materials, plastic never decomposes or disappears. We produce 5 billion tons of plastic each year. Only 5% of this plastic is recycled.For this reason, plastic ends up in landfills, streams and oceans. This problem has created two gigantic garbage patches in the Pacific Ocean. The first one is located just North of Hawaii and is twice the size of Texas. These garbage patches are composed of 90% plastic waste.

Stop using plastic shopping bags.Buy clothes made of natural fibers.Recycle or reuse all plastic objects.Only buy or use bio-plastic.

The plastic disintegrates and turns into very small particles. In some water samples from the Pacific Ocean, there are 46 times more plastic particles than living organisms. These plastic particles are toxic and enter the food chain when small living organisms like zooplankton eat them.Certain animals are adapting to these changes by using plastic objects as their homes.

YOU can make a difference!


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