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Plants have adapted through photosynthesis,because they can't catch their own food.They have adapted by making colorful flowers to attract pollenators for reproduction.

Plants are living organisms that provide oxygen and sugar for all organisms.

A botanist is someone who studies plants such as Charles Darwin and Jonh Bartman

Annuals- performs whole cycle of life in one seasonPerinials-persists many seasons dies in winter grows in springBiennials grow through their life cycle in 2 seasons

Root and Shoot(support system)Root- underground, stores food in tubers, absorbs water and nutrients.Shoots- above ground, gives shape and support of the plant.Vertibrates also have skeletons(support systems)that give the body shape and support by holding the muscles and organs in place.Reproduction-the filament holds the anther that stores pollen. The anther drops the pollen onot hte stigma,which the travels down the style to the ovaries and fertilize the ovules.That is asexual.Sexual is when a pollenator (such as a butterfly) brings pollen from a different flower and then the eggs are fertilized. Vetibrates have sexual reproduction, when the sperm (male sex cell)travels out of male organs,into the uterus where the eggs lie.Then it fertilizes them.

PhotosynthesisThe plant absorbs sunlight and water, and the chorophyll captures the light and starts the process.Plants take in carbon dioxide,light,and water(food and nutrients)and remove waste into air (oxygen and sugar)Vertibrates chew up food with teeth(to break it down)swollow it through the tranchea, into the stomache where it is broke down by acids, then sent to the small intestene, broken down, sent to large intestene, water and electrolytes are removed, then stored in the rectum until permenately removed by anus.VascularXylem is made of vessels that are all connected to spread water. It brings water all through the plant.The pholem carries sugar to other cells who need it. They are transporters of sugar and other molecules.Vertebrates have veins, arteries,other blood vessels, heart,and aprox. 5 liters of blood. The blood contains oxygen and is pumped through blood vessels through the whole body and back to the heart.Vegitativegrowing developing of plant, asexual reproduction when a new organism grows without producing seeds or spons.

The difference between angiosperms and gymnosperms is their seeds, how they reproduce,and that angiosperms produce fruit.


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