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Environmental Studies

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Plant- a herb or other vegstibalgrowth in contrast with a tree or stub.-Plants are important because most foods that we eat ither come directly or indirectly from plants.-About 7,000 are used for food and there used even more for medications.-Plants help desribute and purify water.-They give us oxygen though photosythesis.Plants take most of the carbon dioxide created by fossil fuels.

Plant Adaptions-Plants can adapt to extream means of heat.-Some can change there physical state-Plants can change there behavior-Change there life style acording to the seasons.-They adapt over the years after reproducing many times.

Animal-Can be any shape,centrioles, no cell wall, no cloroplast, small valcoles, and many valcoles.Both-Dna, ribosones, cytoplasm, cell membrain, cytoskeleton, mitochondria, golgi apparati, endoplasmic reticuli, nucleus, nucleolus.Plant-Cell wall, chloroplast, centrol valcuole, (shape) squarish.

Plant Organ SystemsShoot System-absorbs sunlight threw the leaves.Root System- sucks up water threw the roots.Circulatory System-Plants must have nutrients and carbon dioxide reach every cell in their"body".

Contrast Coniferous vs. DeciduousConiferous-dont usually fall off-prickily-thorny-stay green all yearDeciduous-Change color-fall of in Fall-wide -flat

Angiosperm: Has a bug to disperse there offspring far enough away from the parent so that they won't compeat for water, light, or soil minerals.Gymnosperm: Produce both male and femail gametophyts on sepatarte cones and rely on wind for pollination.

Annual-grow, flower, polinate, and die in one season.Bi-annual- grow, flower, polinate, then die in two years.Perennial- grow, flower, pollinate all in one season but repeat the proccess every year.

Bontanist- A scientist who specializes in this field of studieing plants/ plant life.Gregor Johann Mendel (1822–1884), Augustinian priest and scientist, and is often called the father of genetics for his study of the inheritance of traits in pea plants.

Contrast Vertebrate Systems to Plant Systems-Plants don't have back bones, Vertebrates do.-(The circulatory system) Animals must have nutrients and oxygen reach every cell in their body. Plants must have nutrients and carbon dioxide reach every cell in their “body.”


Compare Vertebrates Systems to Plant System-Immune in the immune system-Make tissue in the tissue system-Get rid of waste.

Broad vs. Narrow Leaves


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