Plants: Sexual Reproduction and Adaptations

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Plants: Sexual Reproduction and Adaptations

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PLANTS: Adaptations and Reproduction

Let's Talk Vocabulary:Major structures of Plants:roots: for anchoring the plant and for taking in nutrients from the groundleaves: for making food and oxygenstems: for support and transportation of nutrients


Okay, so how do we get more than one? You know, reproduce?!

Let's Talk Vocabulary:Major structures of Flowering Plants:stamen: carries the pollen on threadlike filaments within the flowerpistil: center tube of the flowerpetals: colorful outward projections making the flowersepals: green structure at the very base of the flower

...for a more kid-friendly explanation!


Check out this video on the Parts of a Plant!

Let's Talk Vocabulary:Plant Reproduction Terms:Sexual Reproduction: occurs with male and female organisms and enhanses variation in the genetic diversity and long-term survival of the speciesAsexual Reproduction: occurs in simples species (yeasts, bacteria, etc.) when one organism produces new offspring on it's own; without another organism in the speciesSeeds: fertilized egg cells from the ovaries of plants that have divided and multiplied; consists of stored food, a seed coat and an embryo

*Source: Preparing to Teach Content Areas: The TExES EC-6 Generalist and the ESL Supplement

Chelsea Gordon

In more scientific terms...


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