Plants having a light lunch

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Plants having a light lunch

Carbon Dioxide(CO2)Carbon dioxide is the fourth most abundant gas in the atomsphere. It is a colourless and oderless gas.

Plants Having a Light Lunch

The Importance of PhotosynthesisPlants use a process called photosynthesis to make food. Plants use sunlight to change carbon dioxide and water into suguar called glucose. In addition they release oxygen to the atomsphere. The importance of this is us humans absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. While plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We were meant for each other. They provide us with oxygen while we provide them with carbon dioxide.

Water(H20)Water is essential for all life on the earth. Water covers 70% of the earth surface. Water has three states which are solid, liquid, and gas.

Glucose(C6H1206)Glucose is a form of sugar and carbohydrate. Glucose is a source of energy for cells in the body to perfom celluar functions.

Oxygen(O2)Oxygen is a colourless gas and it makes up 21 percent of the earth's atomsphere. It's the most reactive of the non-meatllic elements.

6C02(g) + 6H20(l) -- C6H1206(s)+602(g)Single Displacement Reaction

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SunlightSunlight is part of this chemical reaction. Plants use the energy of the sun to change water and carbon dioxide into a sugar called glucose.

By: Muhsin Hassan


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