[2014] Anna Claire Munley: Plantation Country

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[2014] Anna Claire Munley: Plantation Country

This is the Nottaway Plantation. It is the largest remaining antebellum plantation in the South.

This is Rosedown Plantation. One of the first plantings of camellias in the Deep South took place at Rosedown and are still there today.

Plantation Country1. Cultural Characteristics - Sugar cane (big contributor to the economy) - Greater Baton Rouge State Fair (held every year from Oct. 22 to Nov. 1) 2. State Park -Tickfaw State Park (visitors can experience many sights and sounds from the LA environment) 3. Interesting Facts - The largest state capitol in the nation is located here in Baton Rouge. - The U.S.S. Kidd, located in Baton Rouge, is the only ship on exhibit in wartime cameoflage paint.

This is Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo. It is Louisiana's largest urbun zoo.

State Capital!

Sugar Cane!

Anna Claire Munley

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