Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis

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What causes it?1. Exercises- Long distance running, ballet, dance2. Jobs that require standing for an exteneded period of time3. If one is obese, flat footed, has weak calf muscles, 4. Has an abnormal walking pattern or inadequate shoes5. Plantar fascia = a shock-absorbing bowstring, it supports foot arch (if tension is to great, it can create tears which can cause irritation or inflammation) <------ See anatomy of the sole

Plantar Fasciitisby Paige Roepers

What is it?1. Inflammation of a thick fibrous band of connective tissue that comes from medial tubercle (plantar fascia) - it connects bottom of foot to heel bone and toes 2. common on 40-60 year-olds, 2 million Americans have it a year on average3. More common in pregnant females because extra weight applies pressure on plantar fascia

SIGNS/SYMPTOMS1. Sharp pain in heal, arch or foot discomfort2. After getting out of bed, the first few steps are painful/unpleasant3. Walking long distances or standing for a long period of time triggers discomfort4. Most difficulty with dorisflexion (when foot is brought toward the shin)

What other body systems does it affect? 1. When a ligament is stressed or pulled in the opposite direction the cells in the ligament become more metabolically active and cellular damage occurs2. Chronic inflammation occurs when plantar fasciitis goes untreaded. It is meant to protect your tissues when they are under extreme stress.3. Therefore the cardiovascular system is placed under stress, and it can affect blood pressure and cause chronic heart issues.

Stretches to Relieve Pain/Heal

If Plantar Fasciitis goes untreated...1. Can cause Chronic Inflammation (as mentioned earlier) which creates further damage and produces profound pain, swelling, and heat. 2. The intense inflammation can also cause chronic diseases such as diabetes3. Can also lead to other foot, knee, hip and back problems


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