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Diagram of the Nucleaus

Diagram of the cell wall

Diagram of the cell

Plant Cell

Diagram of endoplasmic recticulum

The cell wall protects the cell. Basically it is the defence of the cell.

All plant cells have chlorophyll

The nucleus is the center of everything in the cell. It controlls what the cell does. Another purpose is that it contains the DNA of the cell. It tells the cell how to do everyhting .

Chloroplasts are the green pigments of the cell. It helps in the process of photosythisis to create glucose for the plants food.

There are two of the E.R. there is a rough and a smooth E.R. The rough E.R. manufactures membranes and also secretory. The smooth E.R. has a wide variety of jobs from making certain enzymes to assisting in muscle contraction.

Diagram of chloroplast

All plants have cell walls

Many plants are helpfull for medicines and natural remidies.

Some plants can harm people such as: poison ivey, and poison oak.

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Cells are the basic unit of all life.

All cells provide stucture and stability to everything.


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