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plant x

FACTS ABOUT PLANT X:1. It has no petals to attract pollinators.2.It does not give off smell to attract pollinators.3. It is capable of sexual reproduction by seeds as well as asexual reproduction by stem cutting.4. It usually grows in dry areas where animals are not common, but its seeds are dispersed by animals.

First, make a clean cut with a knife at the stem section. If the stem is too thick, use a bigger knife.


Seed dispersal( explosive action)


First, use the coloured paper and cut them into four circle shapes. Then, paste some cotton wool on the four petals. Then , use some honey or sugar and mix it in with some water. After that, sprinkle some on the cotton wool.

First, place some seeds into a inflated ballon. Then blow the ballon and use a toothpick or needle to pop it.



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