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Plant Science-Careers

$80,000 yearly salaryA person who uses scientific research to improve plants and crops breeding. They may also develop new strains of crops. They change the traits of plants in order to produce disired characteristics.

$57,000 yearly salaryA person who studies and applies their knowledge of genetics to living organisms. They focus on the passage of traits from parents to offsprings through generations.

Careers in Plant Science



Floral Designer

Plant Breeder

Plant Biologist


72,000 average salaryA person who specialzies in the study of plants. They investigate plant diseases, search for new plant hybrids and strains, and look for better ways to grow plants.

$23,000 yearly salaryA person who designs and creates different types of floral arrangements. They use flowers and other types of plant materials. They make bouquets, corsages, wreaths, and centerpieces

A person who is educated to correctly care for trees and other woody plants. They evaluate the condition of trees, recommend care for trees, and provide pruning, fertilization, and insect control.

$33,000 yearly salary

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