Plant Kingdom

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Plant Kingdom


StructurePlant cells have a rigid cell wall to help them stay upright, and protect the cell. Some plants also have a secondary cell wall.Plants are multicellular organisms.

Food?Unlike animals, most plants make their own food through a process known as photosynthesis.Some plants are meat-eaters.The venus flytrap has moving parts to catch its prey. Other species do not have moving parts.

Do they move?Plants do not move from plave to place, but some plants have moving parts like a venus fly trap has a moving mouth to catch bugs.

Kingdom and SpeciesThere are 3300 different types of flowers and plantsSome examples:Tulip has a single flowerDogrose has many flowersMost plants produce flowerheads, but there are plants that do not produce flowers

DescriptionWater makes up 90% of the weight of most plant tissues.Plants gives oxygen and food to humans and many other organisms.Some life forms depend on plants either directly or indirectly for their food.

Reproduction:2 stages in their lives:1. sporophyte2. gametophyte

Where are they found?They are found in mossy and humid areas with lots of moisture.


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