Plant Growing

by Kroesch
Last updated 6 years ago

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Plant Growing

1. Set the three plants to 0ml, 50ml and 100ml..2. Observe which plant grew the tallest and healthiest. 3 Set the amount of water to whichever was most effective in part one and set the three plants to 1 light, 2 lights and 3 lights. 4. Observe which plant grew the tallest and healthiest. 5. Record results.

I think the plant will need 50ml of water and two lights to grow to the tallest and healthiest size. I predict this because this I think too much or too little light or water would not be effective.


The plant grew the healthiest and tallest when it had 50ml of water and three lights. When the plant had no water it did not grow at all. When the plant had too much water it grew but it was not as healthy as the plant with 50ml of water. The light part of the experiment showed that 1 and 2 lights made the plant grow tall but 3 lights made it grow into a healthy height and mass.


How much water and light does a plant need to grow?


This experiment was conducted on the growing plants gizmo on: explore


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