Plant Experiment Colored light

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Plant Experiment Colored light

What did we do?First we germinated our plant seeds until all of our experimental plans were approximately 4 inches tall. Next we placed each plant into it's own pot along with soil and fertilizer. Make sure each plant receives the same amount of soil and fertilizer. Next we divided the plants into 4 groups, with each group placed into a large box surrounded by either red, blue, yellow or green cellophane. Next we recorded the heights of every plant each week for the following 2 months. Lastly, we examined our resutls and determined if our hypothesis was correct, or if it needs to be adjusted.

I hypothesize that plans will grow better under blue light as compared to red, yellow and green light.

Plant pots, potting soil, plants (choose a plant that is easily accessible to you), colored cellophane, fertilizer and water.



What happened and Why?The plans that were under the red colored cellophane had the highest rate of growth as compared to the other 3. Possible explanations for this are: 1) Due to the plants used being more efficient at absorbing energy from red colored light they had the highest rate of growth. 2) The sample size was too small to acurately account for random chance in the rate of growth in plants in our experiment.


Experiment: To determine the effects of different colored light on plant growth.



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